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The flying doctors

The flying doctors is an Australian tv serie. Itīs my absolut favorit. Here we call it "doktorn kan komma" Which means "the doctor can come". Here in sweden, tv 4 is going on showing all the episodes from the beginning and Iīm recording everything with my video. Iīve got nearlly 200 episodes now. I donīt know why I love the serie so much, maybe because itīs so much about feelings and about the relationships between all the people in that small town Coopers Crossing out in the outback. I like Chris most of all the charcters, and Tom is the best male charcter. I like Annie, David, Sam, Gibbo, Kate, Emma, Hurtle and everybody else too. I LOVE everyone in that small town. Iīve made a page about just Chris too, CLICK HERE!! If you like the serie too, please write a e-mail to me!!

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I wanna know who the most popular person in "The Flying Doctors" is!! So please, send me an e-mail with your favourite roleīs name and your name in. Please vote!! Click here!

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